• Murray Parents fighting back

    by  • January 7, 2013 • News

    Members of the Murray Parents Association are putting up a fight when it comes to communications or a lack of communications with Department of Human Services administrators heading up the efforts to close the Warren G. Murray Center in Centralia.

    MPA president Rita Winkeler and parent Dr. Karen Kelly are blasting a recent email Winkeler received from transition project manager for the state, Mark Doyle, who claimed Winkeler, did not have an understanding of the “person centered” process being utilized in placing the closure of the Murray Center.

    His response came after months of requests by Winkler and other guardians for a list of providers agency director Kevin Casey had reportedly mentioned on multiple occasions as being available.

    Kelly, not only the parent of a Murray resident, but also a medical professional and an advocate for the developmentally disabled told Doyle in her reply that she was offended by his hostile and demeaning tone toward Winkler and that the guardians of Murray residents may primarily be residents of southern Illinois, but they are not a group of uneducated hillbillies.

    She said they have heard explanations from Casey of the person centered process, and have also heard the horror stories from those who were involved in the process at the now shuttered Jacksonville Developmental Center.

    Winkeler notes that during the closure process of JDC, records of residents were changed or altered so providers were unaware of the many and sometimes severe problems of some residents;

    She says residents were moved to homes with no furniture and no staff, that some residents were promised a candy bar or soda if they would “go for a ride” and were then moved to a new home with no pre-visit.

    Winkeler also says she has evidence of a resident with a feeding tube being moved to a facility that had no knowledge the resident used a feeding tube.