• ISP ready to start processing concealed carry applications

    by  • December 30, 2013 • News

    Illinois State Police say they’re ready to begin processing applications from residents who want to carry concealed weapons.

    Applications will be available beginning Sunday on the ISP website, though applicants will need to do some preparatory CONCEAL CARRYwork. They must obtain an electronic identification. They’ll also need a valid driver’s license or state ID, a firearm owner’s identification card, addresses of every place they’ve lived for 10 years and proof they’ve undergone firearms training with a licensed instructor.

    Fingerprints may be submitted electronically to expedite the process, though they’re not required.

    State police have 30 days to conduct criminal background checks on all applicants. Local law enforcement also may object to applications.

    Illinois earlier this year became the last state in the nation to approve public possession of a concealed weapon.

    The Department’s Concealed Carry website address can be accessed at isp.state.il.us. The ISP will continue to regularly update its Concealed Carry FAQ’s on the website with information regarding the Illinois Concealed Carry program.