• General Assembly adjourns without passing pension reform

    by  • January 8, 2013 • News

    The 97th Illinois General Assembly ended its lame-duck session Tuesday night without lawmakers passing public-employee pension reform, after the House of Representatives adjourned their lame-duck session sine die, meaning without scheduling another day.

    Gov. Pat Quinn had proposed a last minute measure to try and rescue stalled pension efforts. He suggested foming a commission that would develop recommendations to shore up the $96 billion pension liability, which he said in a morning press conference grows by $17 million each day.

    The commission’s recommendations would have gone into effect April 30 unless both chambers voted against them, a suggestion many lawmakers believed would violate the state’s constitution.

    State Representative John Cavaletto, a Republican from Salem, voiced frustration with the process and what he said was the governor’s lack of meaningful contribution to finding solutions for the problem.

    Members of the new 98th General Assembly will be sworn in Wednesday and will then have to take up new efforts to mend the broken pension system as it grows daily to monumental proportions.