• Couple charged with home repair fraud set to plea

    by  • January 14, 2013 • News

    A Centralia couple charged in multiple cases with felony home repair fraud was due in Marion County Court, today for a bench trial, but have instead scheduled a possible plea agreement for Friday morning.

    The couple, 60-year-old Mark D. Timmons and his wife, 52-year-old Willella J. Timmons, reportedly owned a roofing business in Centralia and allegedly took money for roof repairs never completed or for misrepresenting materials used.

    With 16 felony cases and one misdemeanor case filed against him, Mark Timmons is charged with 24 separate felony charges and 14 misdemeanor charges. His wife is facing 12 separate felony cases containing 18 felony charges.

    The charges range from Class A misdemeanor home repair fraud through misrepresentation of materials, Class A misdemeanor violation of the roofing industry act; and multiple charges of Class 2 felony aggravated home repair fraud through the deception of a victim over the age of 60. The charges also include Class 3 felonies of theft through deception and Class 4 felony home repair fraud over $1,000.

    While Willella Timmons posted bond and was released shortly after her arrest, Mark Timmons remains in custody of the Marion County Jail since his March 2012 arrest.

    The couple was arrested and charged separately, but has consolidated their cases. Centralia attorney Dick Cary represents them and they were scheduled to be tried today before Judge Michael Mchaney.