• BREAKING: Rutherford will not release findings of investigation

    by  • February 13, 2014 • News

    According to the Sun-Times, Treasurer Dan Rutherford will not release the findings of an independent investigation into sexual harassment allegations.

    “On the advice of counsel and due to the federal lawsuit — no further information on the independent investigation will be released — except through the court,” Mary Frances Bragiel is quoted in the Sun.

    Dan Rutherford

    Dan Rutherford

    There will be no press conference tomorrow as hinted earlier today.

    “There is a federal lawsuit that has been filed — under federal rules, we are not supposed to be talking to the whole world about the case — we are supposed to be talking about it in the courtroom,” said Peter Andjelkovich, a private attorney.

    He said the report will become public in court. When asked whether that could take years, he said:

    “I can’t change the process, I wish I could,” he said.

    Andjelkovich called the timing of the sexual harassment allegations against Rutherford “suspect” and said he reviewed the lawsuit and believes there’s no merit to the charges lodged by a former employee.

    “That seems to be quite suspect. With all due respect … that is suspect. This lawsuit could have been filed six months ago or six months from now,” Andjelkovich told the Sun-Times. Asked if he believed the lawsuit has merit, he answered: “No. I’ve examined the lawsuit carefully.”

    The Sun-Times reported earlier today that the investigators were paid $250 an hour by taxpayers for the report. Asked if a taxpayer-funded report should be made public — Andjelkovich agreed it should. But through the court.