• Gubernatorial candidates discuss road fund disparity

    by  • February 13, 2014 • News

    Does downstate Illinois get too big of a share of the state’s road fund? The republican candidates for governor don’t think so.

    Legislators from Chicago and its suburbs have complained that less populated parts of the state receive a disproportionate amount of transportation revenues. road construction

    Currently, funds are divided in a 55/45 split, with the Chicago area getting the smaller chunk. Bruce Rauner thinks it’s an extension of a feud as old as the state itself.

    Rauner says he’s heard the debate about downstate versus metro Chicago and that the fighting within our state is one of Illinois’ problems.

    State senator bill Brady says Chicago lawmakers who believe their area pays too much in gas taxes but doesn’t get enough back are forgetting about the tollway system.

    Brady says the toll roads were built up north with the understanding that they would be paid for by tolls and that’s why the general assembly allowed them to be built, noting that has to be taken into the equation about where road funds go.

    All four candidates agreed that the bigger issue is taking road funds to pay for other programs.