• ISP completes investigation into CPD officer

    by  • April 9, 2014 • News

    According to the City of Centralia’s new police chief, an investigation into one of his department’s officers has been handed investigationover to the state’s attorney’s office.

    Police Chief Doug Krutsinger confirmed Tuesday that he had requested the Illinois State Police investigate an alleged incident involving one of his off duty officers.

    He says the investigation has been completed, and turned over to the state’s attorney’s office in Marion County for possible prosecution. Krutsinger said he anticipates knowing more about the issue next week.

    We will be withholding the identity of the officer until such time as charges are filed, or information regarding the investigation is released from the police department or state’s attorney’s office.

    But because the alleged domestic incident has been fairly well known in the community, we felt it was important people know the administration has addressed the issue, brought in an outside agency to investigate and it has been turned over to State’s Attorney Matt Wilzbach.

    Wilzbach said on Wednesday that he has not yet had time to look over the report, but is obviously making it a priority to review the findings.