• Firefighters save victims nearly $10 million in losses

    by  • January 21, 2013 • News

    In other fire department news, the Centralia Fire Department has released its end of year reports for 2012.

    The department responded to a total of 1,145 calls for the year, down significantly from 2,233 for 2011, 1,877 in 2010 and 1,734 in 2009.

    Of those calls, 27 were for private dwelling fires; 15 for highway vehicle fires; 6 for brush, grass or wild land; 11 rubbish fires and 530 rescues; 129 were false alarms; 6 mutual aid; 66 hazardous materials; 89 other hazardous responses and 234 other responses.

    The most expensive structure fire was an April 19 fire at 815 South Locust Street, with an approximate property loss of $375,000.

    The total dollar loss for 2012 was $908,335; the total property value saved was nearly $10 million.

    Firefighters saved a total property value of nearly 92 percent, with less than 9 percent lost.

    The department completed more than 6,500 hours of training, performed 89 pre-fire inspections and performed annual testing of 780 fire hydrants.