• Phelps says bill could join opposing forces

    by  • February 1, 2013 • News

    A new concealed carry bill may be what brings pro and anti-gun groups together after a federal court ruled Illinois’ lack of a conceal carry law unconstitutional, according to Democrat State Rep. Brandon Phelps, of Harrisburg.

    Phelps says anti-gun groups would want something like House Bill 997, a measure he filed earlier this week, as it has restrictions on where you can carry and can’t carry.35625_1612975842968_5931336_n

    Similar to last sessions conceal carry bill, the new bill requires a license and limits where a weapon can and cannot be carried. There are changes in the bill.

    Phelps says the permit fees listed in HB 997 a bit lower at only $25 with his new bill, compared to last session’s bill, which was $75.

    Also different in this measure is some of the training is different and the permits would be issued by the state police, not the sheriff as was called for in the early bill.

    A federal court threw out Illinois’ ban on concealed weapons, meaning the legislature has to pass something this spring. Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan is asking for another hearing.