• Lawmakers react to Quinn speech

    by  • February 7, 2013 • News

    Based on the reaction from southern Illinois lawmakers, Gov. Pat Quinn shouldn’t show his face in the 618 area code anytime soon.pat quinn

    While negative reactions from republican lawmakers would be expected, downstate democrats also reacted poorly to Quinn’s state-of-the-state address, yesterday.

    State representative Brandon Phelps, a Harrisburg democrat, says southern Illinois should feel left out and objected to Quinn proudly referencing the closures of state facilities, especially Tamms supermax security prison, just one day after more than a dozen inmates attacked prison staff at Menard. Phelps says he attributes that attack and other corrections violence on the Tamms closure.

    Democrat representative john Bradley, of Marion, once considered a soldier for Quinn, also reacted to the governor’s positive spin on facility closures, saying the area has taken a lot of hits and he didn’t appreciate Quinn’s attempt to draw positive attention to actions that have devastated downstate communities.