• IDOC timeline memo shows Dwight closure movement

    by  • March 5, 2013 • News

    The maximum-security women’s prison in Dwight will close by month’s end in a complex shift of inmates that involves the conversion of a men’s prison to a penitentiary for women and the transfer of hundreds of overflow inmates to other lockups around the state, according to a timeline obtained by The Associated Press on Tuesday.

    Gymnasiums outfitted as temporary quarters at six prisons started receiving 600 inmates last week, according to the memo prepared by the Illinois Department of Corrections. An IDOC spokeswoman confirmed the itinerary but said it could change for any number of reasons, including weather.prison overcrowding

    “IDOC is committed to the safe and responsible implementation of the closure process as public safety remains the top priority,” spokeswoman Stacey Solano said.

    The closing curtain for the Livingston County lockup ends a year of acrimonious debate over the wisdom of shutting prisons, as Gov. Pat Quinn says he must save money in a budget crisis. He won a lawsuit with the prison workers’ union, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, to close Dwight and the high-security penitentiary in Tamms, which was shuttered Jan. 4.

    AFSCME condemned the plan, particularly because it means turning gyms into inmate dormitories at a time when the prison system, designed for 33,000 inmates, holds 49,000. When shown the memo Tuesday, spokesman Anders Lindall confirmed it is the document IDOC gave to union leaders.

    “This plan underscores our concern that any closures, given the existing overcrowding, will impact and destabilize the entire system,” Lindall said.

    Dwight’s closure means emptying the Logan Correctional Center, located in Lincoln, of its male inmates. It will become a women’s prison and combine the populations of Dwight and Lincoln Correctional Center, which is also located in the city of Lincoln, near the Logan lockup.

    According to Corrections’ numbers posted Tuesday, Logan’s population is 1,954 men. Lincoln Correctional Center has 995 women and Dwight 933.

    The timeline indicates that this week, male prisoners have begun moving from Logan to penitentiaries in Canton, Centralia, Danville, Hillsboro, and Vienna. Lower-security inmates moved to Vandalia prison last week.

    Corrections officials confirmed last month that temporary bed space would be set up in gymnasiums at the six prisons, but refused to say whether the change was tied to Dwight’s closure and the need to make room for displaced inmates at Logan.

    With Logan’s population reduced, the memo says that “Phase II” — a period scheduled to occur next week — will be “a one-day movement of 1,000 male and 1,000 female offenders between the Lincoln and Logan facilities.”

    Dwight inmates would start moving next week, too — in groups of 50 to 100 — making the 89-mile trip to Logan a dozen times through March 30.