• Businesses liable for $7.3 million in unpaid unemployment benefits

    by  • March 19, 2013 • News

    More than $7.3 million has been collected from 23 businesses because the state now can hold individuals personally liable for purposefully not paying the full amount of the payroll tax that funds unemployment insurance benefits, says the Illinois Department of Employment Security.

    Compliance is 27 percent above levels prior to the 2011 legislation. the increase stems from the ability to hold individuals personally liable for the amount of the business’ tax liability, plus penalty and interest. the $7.3 million generally represents dollars collected so far n the state fiscal year 2013.

    Unemployment benefits are funded through a payroll tax. several factors are considered in settling the annual contribution level, including the amount of money in the trust fund the more money in the trust fund. the lower the payroll tax.