• Southern Illinois ranks at bottom of health reports

    by  • March 21, 2013 • News

    The University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute, along with the Robert Wood Johnson foundation, released yesterday the 10th edition of health rankings for the nation, as well for Illinois. 

    The report was not good for southern Illinois, as 13 of the worst 16 ranked counties out of 102 in the state were in southern Illinois 

    Jefferson county was 90th, while Clinton was 15th, Washington was 19th, Wayne was 46th, Perry was 52nd and Marion was 91st

    And the further south you travel, the lower the ranking.  Jefferson County was 82nd in mortality, 98th in mobidity, which included physical and mental health, 92nd.

    In health behaviors, which includes use of smoking, alcohol, obesity and traffic fatalities, 54th in clinic care, which is up from 72nd last year, 77th in social and economic factors, such as education, unemployment and poverty, which is better than 87th last year, but 51st in physical environment, a dramatic drop from 7th last year. This includes number of fast food places, drinking water safety, recreation facilities and quality of air. 

    The overall ranking for last year was also 90th also for Jefferson County. The rankings include a snapshot of each county. The county health rankings provide nearly every county in the nation with data to pinpoint exactly what is making their residents sick or healthy.