• Gas prices stagnate

    by  • April 3, 2013 • News

    AAA-NewsRoom-Gas-Prices-Octoer-15-2012The price of gas is down slightly over the last month in Illinois, but don’t get excited.

    The statewide average is now $3.85, according to the Triple-A Fuel Gauge Report, down from $3.89 a month ago.

    But Beth Mosher of the Triple-A Chicago Motor Club says the decline is not a trend. It is not, unfortunately, particularly if you live in the northern part of the state where gas prices are high and among the highest in the country.

    She says they think gas prices are either going to continue to stay at the current level, or maybe even rise a little bit as we continue to head into the spring.

    The price at this time last year was $4.24, so the current price is 39 cents cheaper than that.