• Teen girls lift tractor to save dad

    by  • April 18, 2013 • News

    It’s been a troubling week in the news, so here’s a little good news: an Oregon man owes his life to his two teenage daughters after they somehow mustered up the strength to pull a tractor off of him. feel good story

    Jeff Smith was using his ton-and-a half tractor to pull a stump out of his garden last week when his boot slipped off the clutch and the tractor flipped, causing him to get pinned between the steering wheel and the ground.

    His daughters, 16-year-old Hannah and 14-year-old Haylee, heard him screaming and together lifted the tractor enough to get his torso free, allowing him to breathe.

    Hannah subsequently got on her four-wheeler to go for help and brought over a neighbor who used his tractor and a shovel to completely free smith, who suffered a broken wrist and other injuries.