• 20 years for Illinois man in foiled murder plot

    by  • May 2, 2013 • News

    (AP) — A former barge worker from southern Illinois has received the maximum sentence of 20 years for his role in a foiled plot to abduct, extort and electrocute a wealthy Granite City man.

    A federal judge sentenced 46-year-old Brett Nash on Thursday, fined him $500 and ordered a mental health evaluation. Nash pleaded guilty in December to a felony count of solicitation of a violent crime.

    Authorities said Nash’s scheme involved forcing the intended victim into a hot tub and tossing in a radio to electrocute him. Nash then wanted to throw in the intended victim’s cat with the hope that police would think the animal caused the electrocution. The intended victim hasn’t been identified.

    Nash argued at the sentencing that he never planned to commit murder.