• SCHS students’ kindness touch many lives

    by  • May 7, 2013 • News

    Anyone living in Salem probably has a good idea what our Tuesday feel good story should be about this week.

    King Zack Hays and Queen Charli Decker

    King Zack Hays and Queen Charli Decker

    While so many can be cruel and unkind to those different from them, the students at Salem Community High School took the opportunity over the weekend to let one student know just how special he is.

    SCHS Senior Zack Hays was elected 2013 Prom King, along with his Queen Charli Decker. Zack and Charli have been friends since they were little kids. What makes this story different from others? Zack was born with Down syndrome. But his classmates looked beyond his disability and into the heart of a young man who they felt was deserving of being named prom king.

    SCHS students also invited Katie Crouch as a special guest for the evening, giving the little girl the opportunity to put on a pretty dress and be recognized for her heroic battle.

    Katie is 5-years-old and is suffering from Retinoblastoma, a rare form or eye cancer, to which she has lost an eye, but against which she continues to battle.

    Through their actions, the SCHS class of 2013 has touched more lives than they will ever know, demonstrating how far kindness can move the world.