• Justice: Comply with law on mental health, guns

    by  • May 10, 2013 • News

    The Illinois Supreme Court’s Chief Justice has instructed lower-court judges to notify state police when they deem anyone mentally unsound.

    Thomas Kilbride raised the matter in a memorandum this week. The Associated Press obtained a copy Thursday from the office of state Sen. Dan Kotowski.

    It comes as a U.S. Court’s June 9 deadline approaches for Illinois lawmakers to pass legislation allowing public possession of weapons.

    Kilbride reminds judges that more stringent requirements kicked in this year requiring they report such mental-health rulings to state police. Police had complained in recent years of lax compliance by judges.

    Police use the information to do background checks on gun-license applicants.

    Kilbride’s Wednesday memo to 935 judges says that “recent gun-related tragedies and the current concealed carry debate” have heightened scrutiny over compliance.