• Quinn opposes House compromise guns bill

    by  • May 23, 2013 • News

    (AP) — Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn opposes the compromise gun-carry legislation that the Illinois House is readying for a floor vote on Friday. CONCEAL CARRY

    Quinn spokeswoman Brooke Anderson says the legislation is “a massive overreach” because it would overturn all existing local gun laws on the books. Those include a Chicago ban on assault-style weapons. Anderson says that would endanger the public.

    The legislation allowing people to carry concealed weapons got House committee approval Thursday. The plan was brokered by House Speaker Michael Madigan, who like Quinn is a Chicago Democrat. Madigan spokesman Steve Brown says the speaker thought it was best to have “one law for one state” to minimize confusion.

    A federal appeals court ruled that the Illinois ban on concealed carry was unconstitutional.