• BREAKING: Conceal carry bill passes House; Quinn vows opposition

    by  • May 24, 2013 • News

    A conceal carry measure has passed the Illinois House on a 85-30 margin. The plan to allow concealed carry for qualified gun owners is opposed by governor.

    Quinn issued the below statement regarding the bill’s passage, calling it a massive overreach on the concealed carry issue that would automatically repeal local public safety ordinances including Chicago’s assault weapons ban. The governor’s office filed in opposition to the bill during committee yesterday.

    “This legislation is wrong for Illinois,” said Quinn. “It was wrong yesterday in committee, it’s wrong today, and it’s wrong for the future of public safety in our state.

    The legislation now heads to the Senate, where it needs to be voted upon before the June 9 deadline handed down by a U.S. appellate court for the state to have a conceal carry law in place.

    Quinn has vowed opposition to the bill, saying, “I will not support this bill and I will work with members of the Illinois Senate to stop it in its tracks.”

    Here’s a link to the full-text of the bill: Illinois General Assembly SB 2193.