• IDOC: Bates was suspended for second sex harassment

    by  • June 7, 2013 • News

    In response to our report yesterday that department of corrections deputy director Ty Bates of Centralia has now twice been investigated for sexual harassment, the Illinois Department of Corrections and its director Salvador Godinez, released a statement that the agency has “zero tolerance for policy violations and are committed to strict enforcement of the policies.”

    Documents received earlier this week by Withers Broadcasting show a string of text messages sent in April between Bates and a female corrections officer from a southern Illinois prison facility. In the messages bates allegedly asks the woman, “If memory serves me right you bought yourself a new set of boobs?” He then tells her he wouldn’t mind seeing them himself, to see if they’re perfect.

    According to IDOC spokesman Tom Shaer, two investigations into the April text messages determined that while Bates’ communications violated agency policies, they had not risen to the legal level of sexual harassment.

    Shaer says Bates was subsequently suspended and again completed mandatory training, as well as re-reading of agency policies. Further action is being considered.

    Neither Shaer nor Godinez responded to questions regarding the first sexual harassment investigation into Bates, which concluded in 2007, when he was assistant warden at Centralia Corrections, and found he had violated agency directives on sexual harassment and discrimination regarding a female corrections officer, as well as had lied to investigators.