• BREAKING: Bates resigns from IDOC following scandal

    by  • June 7, 2013 • News

    According to a source with knowledge of the situation, Deputy Director Ty Bates has resigned his position with the Department of Corrections and is no longer an employee of the agency, which has been confirmed by IDOC spokesman Tom Shaer.

    Bates made headlines this week when Withers Broadcasting received an official document listing the contents of text  breaking-news1messages sent this April between Bates and a female subordinate who works at one of the agency’s southern Illinois prisons. The messages contained what the agency ultimately found in violation of its policies, and while they were not legally considered sexual harassment,  Bates was suspended while further action was being considered.

    The source says Gov. Pat Quinn ordered IDOC Director Salvador Godinez to continue with the investigations he had in place and both men reportedly agreed the Bates situation would not be handled differently than it would for anyone else.

    “ALL [sic] actions taken since the IDOC’s began two thorough investigations nearly two months ago were taken only because they were the right by and for all involved. Nothing  –nothing- was due to anything said by anyone or what happened elsewhere,” says an emailed statement from Shaer. “We didn’t discuss internal personnel matters publicly but the investigations proceeded unimpeded. That was as instructed by IDOC Director Godinez, who reports to Governor Quinn.”

    In late 2012, then state Sen. John O. Jones called for Bates’ resignation after a 2007 investigation was publicized that found Bates, who was then an assistant warden at Centralia Correctional Center, had violated agency policies regarding sexual harassment and discrimination regarding a female corrections officer. The investigation also found Bates lied to investigators, who recommended discipline for Bates up to and including dismissal.

    Rather than being dismissed, however, Bates was promoted to warden at Big Muddy Correctional Center and 10 months later was promoted to deputy director of IDOC’s southern region. It was in his capacity as deputy director that Bates encountered the female corrections officer to whom he sent the April text messages that among other things asked to see the results of the woman’s breast augmentation surgery.

    Bates is being replaced by Shannis Stock who has been named IDOC Acting Deputy Director, Southern Region. Stock has been Warden at Southwestern Illinois C.C. since 2011, and as Acting Deputy Director, she will oversee all IDOC facilities in the Southern Region and will report directly to Director Godinez.