• Bill would stop interest calculations on some child support cases

    by  • June 13, 2013 • News

    If they aren’t going to collect, why should they calculate? That is the sentiment behind a bill that would stop the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services from calculating child support interest manually for cases from 1987 to 2006, when cases were computerized.

    State rep. Jill Tracy (R-Quincy) says the bill will help the state save money that would have been spent on a contractor to calculate the interest.

    Tracy says if the custodial parent wants to pursue the interest they certainly can, at any time. But in the meantime the department won’t have the burden of calculating this all the time.

    State Rep. Jack Franks (D-Marengo) says the state shouldn’t give people who don’t pay their child support a break to save money.

    Franks says he’s concerned about the issue, commenting that one of the first bills he was a new legislator was to have interest accruing for people who don’t pay their child support, and he’s worried the proposed measure would weaken the penalties lawmakers put forward.

    Senate Bill 1358 is awaiting action by the governor, having passed both houses of the General Assembly.