• Lawmakers blast Quinn for concealed carry changes

    by  • July 2, 2013 • News

    Both republicans and democrats are slamming Gov. Pat Quinn for an amendatory veto he issued today on a concealed carry measure passed by a large majority in both chambers of the General Assembly.

    Rep. Brandon Phelps

    Rep. Brandon Phelps

    The bill’s sponsor Brandon Phelps says he’s “disgusted” by the move, saying Quinn has overstepped his bounds.

    Quinn used his amendatory veto power Tuesday to toughen a concealed carry bill. The changes include imposing a one-gun limit for carry. Illinois has to comply with a July 9 deadline.

    Phelps, a Harrisburg democrat, accuses Quinn of pandering to Chicago voters and says lawmakers agreed to the original bill. Phelps has already filed a motion to override Quinn’s changes to the original bill.

    GOP Senator Dave Luechtefeld agrees with Phelps, saying “The Governor has failed to show coherent policy direction, and is instead relying on issuing press releases or standing in front of the Chicago cameras.”

    The Okawville lawmaker continued, saying, “His repetitive veto of pro-Second Amendment legislation will likely end with a similar result – a swift and embarrassing override for the Governor’s office.”

    The leaders of the Illinois House and Senate say they have to look at Gov. Pat Quinn’s proposed changes to concealed carry legislation, but they’ve suggested an override is likely.

    Senate President John Cullerton says there are issues worth discussing, but he intends to talk with House Speaker Michael Madigan about an override.

    Madigan’s spokesman Steve Brown says that if the governor wanted changes he should have been more involved in the legislative process where most provisions were thoroughly debated.

    Both the House and Senate have been called back to Springfield starting Tuesday, when it is expected they will likely vote to override Quinn’s veto. It would require a three-fifths vote to carry the original measure into law.

    Quinn’s changes also forbid guns in establishments that serve alcohol, limit gun owners to carrying only a handgun and restore the ability of local government to ban assault weapons in the future.