• Exercise caution with door to door sales people

    by  • July 3, 2013 • News

    The City of Centralia Clerk’s Office and Police Department have recently received a number of calls and complaints regarding door to door sales persons operating in the community. door-to-door-sales 2

    Recent reports by affected citizens suggest what was described as high pressure sales pitches and confusion about what services were to be offered.

    The city urges anyone who is contacted by door to door sales people to exercise caution before agreeing to allow persons to enter your home, turning over personal financial information and documents, or entering into long term contracts.

    Police Chief Larry Evans cautions residents to never enter into any contract without researching exactly what you will be receiving and how much you will be expected to pay.  Always ensure you are dealing with a person who has properly registered with the city clerk’s office so that if there is a problem, their information is on file.

    He says if you feel pressured or unsure about making a purchase decision, ask the salesperson to return at a later time so that you can study their information and make a decision.  When possible, consult with family and friends about the situation before agreeing to any agreement. Notify the clerk’s office or the police department in the event you feel you have been mistreated or intimidated in anyway.

    While the city cannot forbid door to door sales persons from working in the community, we will do our best to ensure that those who do are working in a responsible, respectful manner.