• ISP warns conceal carry not yet active

    by  • July 10, 2013 • News

    Illinois State Police on Tuesday issued a statement warning that even though concealed carry is law, people shouldn’t start carrying a gun just yet. CONCEAL CARRY

    The General Assembly’s override of Gov. Pat Quinn’s amendatory veto means House Bill 183 is now law. However, that law gives Illinois State Police 180 days to set up the permitting process and begin issuing the licenses.

    Until that time, the state’s current laws remain in effect, which requires a valid firearm owners identification card (FOID) is still mandatory for lawful Illinois gun owners and will be necessary to obtain a concealed carry permit.

    When the permits become available, anyone who carries a concealed firearm in Illinois must have one, with the exception of police officers and some retired police officers.

    Out-of-state state permits will not be recognized. resident permits will cost $150 and be good for five years; non-resident permits will cost $300 for five years.

    Troopers said they expect to meet the 180-day deadline and to then issue licenses within 90 days after qualified applications are submitted. law enforcement agencies will have 30 days to file an objection to an application.