• Heavy weekend rain leaves flooding in its wake

    by  • July 22, 2013 • News

    Heavy rainfall over the weekend caused problems in a number of communities in the listening area. Flooding

    In the villages of Kell and Iuka on Sunday, multiple roads were impassable due to standing water. The Marion County Sheriff’s Department received reports of Iuka Road north of Route 161 having between six and eight inches of water across the roadway, the Route 161 Extension being flooded just east of Foxville Road and Route 37 just south of Route 161 was also reported as being flooded.

    In New Baden, storms dumped more than five inches of rain in just a few hours, resulting in flooding throughout one area of town. Between 18-20 inches of rain water was reported as standing in some areas.

    The floodwater has since receded, but it left behind a muddy mess for residents and businesses to clean up.