• BREAKING: Judge extends Murray restraining order and guardian appointment

    by  • August 8, 2013 • News

    breakingIn Clinton County this morning, Judge William Becker extended the temporary restraining order against the state of Illinois and in favor of Murray Center residents who are wards of the state.

    murray case 8-8State Rep. Charlie Meier called today another huge day for the wards of the state, noting that the people of Centralia have shown they truly care about the residents of Murray Center and that they are truly a part of the community.

    In addition to extending the restraining order, Meier says Becker also ruled that Clinton County public defender Stewart Freeman would be temporary guardian ad litem for not only the wards of the state who remain at Murray, but also those who have been transferred to area CILA homes.

    There are currently seven CILA homes in Centralia and according to Meier, representatives of House Speaker Michael Madigan and House Minority Leader Tom Cross will be in Centralia tomorrow. They will not only tour Murray, but will be driving by the various CILAs in Centralia.