• Courthouse relaxing new dress code

    by  • August 21, 2013 • News

    An area courthouse is relaxing its recently overhauled dress code to allow visitors to wear to shorts — if they’re long enough. JCO courthouse

    Jefferson County Officials began enforcing a new dress code this week. The rules also banned pajamas, house slippers, hats, tank tops, muscle shirts and halter tops along with inappropriate or offensive logos.

    But officials now say they’re relaxing the shorts ban to include “appropriate” items. But too-short shorts are still forbidden — if their hemline is above a person’s fingertips when their arms are extended at their sides.

    Deputies say two people were turned away from courthouse on Tuesday for wearing shorts.

    Officials say they decided to implement the new rules after deputies had to make near-daily announcements to visitors to take their hats off or cover up.