• Police: school bus attack unfounded

    by  • August 23, 2013 • News

    According to Salem police, a report they recently received of an alleged battery on a city school bus is unfounded.

    Police chief Ron Campo says that looking at the video from the school bus there is no indication of any physical contact with the young girl who was reported to have been assaulted by multiple boys on the bus. 8525524-a-crime-themed-background-image-with-the-text-under-investigation-set-over-a-grunge-style-background

    Our news department, along with Salem police, were contacted by family members of a young Salem girl and told that multiple young men had attacked the girl while they rode on a school bus.

    The alleged attack was described as being perpetrated by multiple boys and that the girl had to crawl under seats of the bus to try and evade her attackers. The report further claimed the bus driver did nothing to stop the supposed attack.

    However, Campo says the video showed no physical contact between the girl and any of the other students and that the hospital reports indicate there were no injuries to the girl consistent with a battery. While he is confident that no battery occurred on the bus, he says an investigation is ongoing.