• Churches warned of phone scam

    by  • September 5, 2013 • News

    Area churches are being told to be aware of a scam operating in southern Illinois.

    Local churches have been getting calls from a person identifying himself as “Deputy Robinson” in Roseville, W.V. This person then relates a story, or puts another person on the phone to tell the story.

    The second person on the phone says they attended the church several months ago. They say now, they have moved to West Virginia and their car has broken down on the interstate.

    They have had their car towed. They ask the church to wire money to them or the tow company owner’s son using “MoneyGram” so they can pay the bill and get home to their family.

    In another version of this scam, “Deputy Robinson” asks for the pastor of the church. He says there has been a fatal traffic crash, and the victims had a church bulletin from several months ago in the car. “Deputy Robinson” says the victims had children in the car who need help immediately.

    The church is to wire money to “Deputy Robinson” by Western Union and he will make sure the children are taken care of.