• Smoking near oxygen results in Kell fire

    by  • September 16, 2013 • News

    Kell Fire Chief Lonnie McDaneld says a bedridden man was extremely fortunate not to be burned when a flash fire occurred from oxygen he was using while smoking in bed.  GETTY_E_12312_Fire

    The incident occurred at a  home on Morton Lane in Kell Friday night.  McDaneld reports the man’s caretaker was able to get the burning mattress off the bed and dragged it outside to the patio of the home.  Some drapes caught fire in the process and were also taken outside.

    Kell firefighters extinguished the fires in both items when they arrived on the scene.  They then ejected smoke from the home.

    The caretaker, whose name was not immediately released, was treated at the scene for some minor burns he received when getting the mattress and drapes outside.   He did not require hospital treatment.

    Kell firefighters received the call at approximately 9:30 Friday night and were on the scene for about an hour.