• Motor Club says Illinois gas prices dropping

    by  • October 2, 2013 • News

    Gasoline is getting cheaper. The Triple-D Daily Fuel Gauge report finds the Illinois average at $3.46, down from $3.76 a AAA-NewsRoom-Gas-Prices-Octoer-15-2012month ago, and from $3.93 last year at this time.

    Beth Mosher of the Triple-A Chicago Motor Club, says it’s dropping pretty quickly, and that’s really good news for all those traveling out there.

    Triple-A says barring anything unforeseen, they expect gas prices to continue coming down through the remainder of the year.

    According to Mosher, this is the time of year when the price falls, and indications are that the supply of gasoline is plentiful, so nothing will stop the price from coming down.