• Domestic violence fatalities up in Illinois

    by  • October 16, 2013 • News

    Domestic violence in Illinois resulted in 80 fatalities over the last year. domestic-violence-PHOTOS

    This is for the state fiscal year ending June 30, and it’s up from 74 the previous year, according to the Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence, which released its FY 13 homicide report Wednesday.

    Executive Director Vickie Smith says the offenders and victims are from across the demographic spectrum. “Men, women and children – domestic violence does not discriminate. Not by age, gender, race, religious affiliation, level of education nor whether one is employed,” she said.

    The victims were most often wives or girlfriends of the offender, but also included other relatives, acquaintances and bystanders. The coalition is examining each incident to see how some of these could have been prevented.

    Of those fatalities, 59 were adult victims, 37 were female and 22 were male. The victims ranged in age from 19 to 86 years old, and firearms accounted for 21 of the 59 adult homicides.

    Of those perpetrators, 12 committed suicide following the homicides – all were male.

    There were nine child victims under the age of 18 reported in the study. Three were stabbed, three were shot and the others were killed by other means.

    The report is at www.ilcadv.org/homicidereportfy13.pdf. It breaks down the homicides by county, judicial district, weapon used and relationship of the victim to the perpetrator. The domestic violence data do not include the death of children if the cause was child abuse or neglect.