• Cancer survivor pays it forward with freebie website

    by  • October 17, 2013 • News

    Cancer is an illness that takes a lot of work to overcome. Once you are diagnosed, not only do you have to worry about

    Bethany Kandel

    Bethany Kandel

    your  health, but also paying for deductibles, co-pays and expensive medical care.

    Thankfully, there are generous people and organizations whose mission it is to make the journey a little easier.

    Bethany Kandel, founder of breastcancerfreebies.com, is a former reporter for USA Today and a 5-year breast cancer survivor.

    Her website helps take the burden off a cancer patient’s wallet with free products like wigs, hats, and make-up, and free services like house cleaning, transportation and more.

    Kandel says her site is her way of paying it forward in gratitude for her health and in thanks to all the good people who helped her, adding that FREE is her favorite four-letter word — after LOVE.”