• Area courts see mixed numbers in criminal cases filed

    by  • December 31, 2012 • News

    As 2012 draws to a close, we take a look at cases filed during 2012 in our area courthouses.

    Clinton County saw 166 criminal felonies filed this year, compared to 214 last year and 211 ten years ago. Fayette County filed 213 felonies compared to 191 last year and 153 in 2002.

    Jefferson County topped out this year with 591 felonies, up from only 471 last year, but down from 595 ten years ago. Marion County has seen 374 felonies, down slightly from 394 last year and 398 in 2002.

    Clinton County had 268 criminal misdemeanors filed this year, down from 351 last year and a significant decrease from the 763 filed in 2002. Fayette County filed 263 misdemeanors, up from the 231 cases filed last year, but down slightly from the 270 filed in 2002.

    Jefferson County filed 713 misdemeanor cases in 2012, a substantial increase from the 559 filed in 2011 and the 625 filed in 2002.

    Only 314 misdemeanors were filed this year in Marion County, a decrease from 394 in 2011 and from the 612 filed in 2002.Washington County court remained steady, filing 138 misdemeanors this year, compared to 139 filed last year.

    In our area, Marion County filed the most driving under the influence cases this year, with 216. Jefferson County follows with 183 and Fayette County with 111. Clinton County has only filed 79 DUI cases this year and Washington County only 61. Most of those numbers have remained fairly steady since 2002.