• Senators want end to “partisan bickering” on state budget

    by  • October 29, 2013 • News

    Two Illinois state senators say they want “partisan bickering” over the state’s budget to be put aside.

    Park Ridge democrat Dan Kotowski and McHenry republican Pam Althoff held a Tuesday news conference in Chicago to announce the findings of a study on Illinois taxpayers’ hopes.

    The Center for Innovation and Public Value’s survey of 1,000 Illinois residents says both democratic and republican citizens largely want the same things. Respondents of the survey say they want lawmakers to spend less on education and health care and basic government support functions.

    Respondents want more of the state’s budget put toward growing businesses, ensuring public safety and improving infrastructure.

    Kotowski and Althoff say the study supports a budgeting process that requires more public engagement on state spending.