• PI seeks to have murder case reopened, cites Ina/Paris connection

    by  • November 18, 2013 • News

    A private investigator wants the Illinois Attorney General’s office to re-open a 27-year-old murder case. murder-investigation

    The 1986 murders of Karen and Dyke Rhoads of Paris, Ill. have remained unsolved after two men initially convicted of that crime were released due to flawed evidence.

    In a letter to the attorney general, private investigator Bill Clutter asks for a special prosecutor to be appointed to re-investigate the case. Clutter believes new evidence points to convicted serial killer Tommy Lynn Sells, who has confessed to the 1987 murder of the Dardeen family in Ina.

    He says they have evidence to suggest that the two murders were connected, that the same entity that had the Dardeen family killed may have been behind the murder of Karen Rhoads and her husband.

    Clutter believes the Mafia may have hired Sells to kill Karen Rhoads after she had witnessed her boss packing machine guns and large amount of cash into his car. Rhoads worked at a business located behind a pizza parlor owned by Giuseppe Vitale, who was convicted in the organized crime drug racketeering case known as the pizza connection trial.

    Clutter has made these claims before, and says political pressures have halted further investigation. However, critics of Clutter’s theories say there are examples of convicted murderers admitting to crimes they didn’t commit in order to delay their own execution or to negotiate better accommodations in prison.