• Bost concerned with compromised security from costly capitol building doors

    by  • November 18, 2013 • News

    State Rep. Mike Bost, a Murphysboro republican, filed a resolution earlier this month requesting that security cameras be installed outside the doors into the capitol building.

    Rep. Mike Bost

    Rep. Mike Bost

    He said he heard complaints from security guards that the newly renovated doors obstructed views for guards inside who monitor visitors to the capitol.

    The doors, part of a pricey renovation at the historic building in Springfield, have a decorative pane of glass that Bost said could keep guards from spotting potential danger earlier.

    Bost’s resolution asks that Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White, whose office oversees secretary of state police, and capitol architect J. Richard Alsop III install the cameras.

    White’s spokesman Henry Haupt says secretary of state police have voiced no problems with the doors.

    The doors were part of renovations that drew heavy criticisms for lavish spending at a time when Illinois is mired in financial problems.