• Large, black furry animal reported in Ashley

    by  • November 22, 2013 • News

    Here’s a fun story to start your weekend. A report was made Friday morning from the village of Ashley in Washington County saying a large, black, furry creature –- possibly a bear or a black panther — was seen dragging a deer across a field on State Route 15.

    Interestingly, similar reports were made by a family from the same area in September 2008 through February of 2009, in which a large bipedal animal was spotted on multiple occasions. The creature, described as having long black or dark brown fur, was spotted on a pond dam, in a tree line and in farm fields.

    Then again in 2010, a man reported an encounter in that same area with a large, furry, bipedal creature that he described as having long black or dark brown fur.