• Law enforcement cracking down on seat belt violators

    by  • November 28, 2013 • News

    State and local police will be cracking down on seat belt violators this week. police-lights-generic-3-jpg

    The Illinois of Department of Transportation is partnering with law enforcement agencies to set up more than 1,400 so-called “Safety Belt Enforcement Zones” around the state. Lt. David Byrd of the Illinois State Police says each year, he notices that almost all drivers and passengers are buckled up.

    “Which is good,” Byrd said, “It’s still not perfect, of course. The problem is we still see, with our fatalities, that the major problem is non-usage of the seat belt.”

    Most of the zones will be set up at night, when seat belt use is at its lowest Anyone not buckling up pays a fine around $60, though it can vary depending on which law enforcement agency is issuing the ticket.