• Bishop tests congregation, dresses as homeless man

    by  • November 29, 2013 • News

    Here’s something to think about as the holiday season is officially in full swing. Members of a Mormon congregation in a Salt Lake City, Utah suburb encountered someone they thought was a homeless man at church on Sunday. What they did not know was the man was a bishop for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. homeless-man-in-mormon-church-turns-out-to-be-a-bishop

    At least five people asked David Musselman to leave the church property in Taylorsville, some gave him money and most were indifferent.

    The bishop said he disguised himself as a homeless man to teach his congregation a lesson about compassion. To make his appearance more convincing, he contacted a Salt Lake City makeup artist to transform his familiar face to that of a stranger not even his family recognized.

    He said the main thing he was trying to get across was that we don’t need to be so quick to judge.

    He said he received varied reactions to his appearance at church, noting many actually went out of their way to purposefully ignore him, and wouldn’t even make eye contact if he’d approach them and say, ‘happy thanksgiving.’

    He said he was surprised that while many of them he didn’t ask for any food or money of any kind they were still unable to even acknowledge him.

    But the reaction that touched Musselman the most was from children, as he could see in their eyes they wanted to do more.