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    X95 Air Staff:

    Wound Up Wake Up

    Avery is a lifelong resident of Mt. Vernon and the youngster amongst the Withers Broadcasting Air Staff.  Avery joined sister station WMIX as a sports producer and quickly made his way up the ranks helping with digital production and later emerging as an air talent.  When not filling in on multiple Withers’ properties during live shifts or live broadcasts, Avery can be heard on X95 hosting the Wound Up Wake Up.  He keeps active with air shifts, digital production, sound production, news, sports production and video work.  Too busy for free time, right?

    Nope. When he’s not at work, he’s golfing, redesigning the web and playing with sound equipment along with the occasional fishing trip. He’s seems to think he’s a nice guy and worth a follow on the Twitterverse.



    Jason Bowers knows pop culture better than you do. He’s been filling his head with everything entertainment since he was a kid and he’s unleashed it on radio listeners every day. He uses his acid tongue, and puts you at ease with his “best friend” demeanor.

    When Jason’s not talking about celebs he’s talking to them, handling interviews here and formerly at powerhouse stations STAR 98-7 and KIIS in Los Angeles. Jason was also previously heard on XM Satellite Radio, as well as stations in San Diego, Riverside, Bakersfield, and his hometown of Allentown, PA (yes, the same Allentown of which Billy Joel sings). Jason has, sadly, never met Mr. Joel.

    Jason has been seen in TV commercials (Saturn), heard in national TV commercials (On Star with Jimmy Fallon) and has appeared on Comedy Central’s The Man Show and ABC’s General Hospital. He’s also performed improv, sketch, and standup at The Improv, The Comedy Store, The Groundlings, Second City and Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Austin.

    Jason loves electronics and gadgets (especially his TiVo and his iPhone). Take him to an electronics superstore and he’ll be your friend forever. Jason Bowers is a joy to have in class.




    I observe… live… and ponder life… while anxiously awaiting my next slice of pizza.  Home is where I enjoy wearing whatever has the most holes in it, and I’ve lived from San Jose to West Palm Beach, and many places in between, learning the oh-so-valuable art of box-packing.  I dabble in reverse fung-shui, just to make it more interesting.  When not on the radio I’m watching TV (The IFC Channel, SyFy, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, True Blood, Boardwalk Empire), at the movies, fishing, looking for cool places to eat and saving for my next traveling adventure. I can pick up just about anything with chopsticks, including the bill.



    Open House Party

    John began DJing high-school dances at the age of 14, and got his first paid radio gig at age 17 while still in high school (on Saturday and Sunday nights nothing changes, right?) at a Worcester MA radio station. He studied broadcasting (and partying) at the University of Miami, then worked for several years as a DJ and radio/TV Program Director before launching Open House Party in 1988.

    John hosts Open House Party every Saturday night from one of his three party houses; suburban Boston, lost in the mountains of Vermont, and Cape Cod. All three of John’s homes are fully loaded with a satellite-linked radio studio/lounge and a private airstrip often used to shuttle in guest artists for the weekly live Open House Party broadcast. He is an experienced private pilot, collects (currently owns 21), and restores old aircraft and is a founder of the new Massachusetts Air & Space Museum. 


    Open House Party

    Kannon grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina. He was still in high school when he first heard Open House Party and got so excited he knew a radio DJ is what he wanted to be. Starting at a small AM station at age 16, he was eventually hired for weekends at WRDU, the rock station in Raleigh while building a reputation as a rave DJ around the country. At 19 he was hired as main mixer for Open House Party and within a couple of years he took over the nighttime DJ slots, first at Q97.9 in Portland, then to Atlanta’s 95.5 The Beat, and for the past few years as afternoon host at Philadelphia’s Wired 95.5. Kannon took over as host of Open House Party Sunday in 2008.





    When I’m not on the late night shift, you might find me on the ice (lying down), in the fairway (hopefully) or in the gym (really?). I also do my fair share of hiking and biking, weather permitting of course.

    After 10 plus years, I still love entertaining people and I’m thankful every day that you give me that opportunity.


    WILY Air Staff:

    Mike Shaw






    Mike has been working in radio and television for nearly 40 years. Mike not
    only loves radio & TV he’s also a huge fan of music! He’s got a huge record and CD collection (much to his wife’s dismay) along with the best sounding state-of the-art audio equipment. Mike’s also an active runner and a biker, and just loves being outdoors.



    Morning Talk
    (9:30am – 10:30am)

    Tootie has been talking to WILY’s listeners for a handful of decades!  A lovely and delightful personality, Tootie has been discussing the topics that matter to you!

    Whether it’s Talk Time USA on Mondays with her panel of guests or Hotline (Tuesdays thru Fridays), Tootie always has timely topics and informed guests and opinions.  Sometimes she runs a little past 10 am, but we know you don’t mind it a bit!


    JJ McKay




    JJ McKAY

    JJ has been working in radio and television in a full or part-time capacity since 1977 when she graduated from Ohio University with a BSC in Radio/TV/Journalism.

    JJ enjoys doing mobile DJ gigs since she can engage the crowd in a live atmosphere & see everyone smiling while having so much fun! She also loves spending time hanging out with her pets as well as hiking, alone or with her significant other.


    Ted Richards






    Time flies when you’re having fun and radio. Ted’s favorite movie is Clint
    Eastwood and Morgan Freeman in “Unforgiven,” they’re the best! He also likes “Saving Private Ryan” and he’ be so happy when all of our troops are home. He was in the USAF for 4 years, saying it was a great experience.

    Ted loves a good cup of coffee with toast and jelly, and writes and reads just about every day, and he still enjoys watching a high school baseball game.


    Jay Coffey






    Jay’s 40+ years radio career started with a deep passion for music as a teenager while playing his bass guitar in garage bands in the San Francisco Bay area where he was born. His best friend is his wife, Janet, and his four-legged pals, Riley, Clara and Hobbes.

    When Jay’s not having fun playing the greatest hits of all time he enjoys reading historical biographies, Italian cooking, any hot rod or car show he can find, and throwing the ball for Hobbes, his golden retriever.


    Dave Sanders






    Dave and his wife Debby and have been married for over 37 years. Dave
    loves listening to music live or recorded. He’s very proud of all his children, especially his son Jacob, an accomplished jazz musician (Baritone Sax) in New York City. He also likes to travel, bike, hike, and spend time with his grandchildren, five of `em!

    Bernie is a bit of a mystery.  We don’t know where he was born… or if he has brothers or sisters.  We know he has a wife, Emilie, and two dogs, Howard and Kiwi.  The wife proves that girls will talk to him, well, at least one girl.  She’s the only one on record.  His favorite food is sandwiches and his favorite member of the Spice Girls is Sporty.  And he watches a lot of TV.  An alarming amount, really.