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Here’s your chance to win a pair of Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari tickets!

1) Fill out the form below

2) Listen to TAO Rocks @ 92.7

3) When we call YOUR NAME, you’ll have 10 MINUTES to call us back at
1-888-205-ROCK or *927 on your cellphone to win your tickets!

The clock is ticking…make sure you’re listening!

Note: multiple entries DO NOT increase your chances of winning.

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The Mother of All Photos Contest


Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10th.  Your mom has embarrassed the hell of out you since you were old enough to fill a diaper.  It’s payback time.

Send us an embarrassing photo of your mom, and if we agree that it’s embarrassing, not only will we repost it, but we just might award YOU with a sweet prize pack for Mom so you don’t have to shop for her. It includes a $50 Walmart gift card from Heritage Woods, a $50 gas card compliments of MJ Simons Insurance, and a $50 gift certificate from SI Vapors. It’s the least we could do, and the least you could do.

You MUST be 21 to enter.  Upload your photo using the form below.  PLEASE do NOT send us anything pornographic, or anything that could get you or us thrown into jail if it came into our possession.  We’re never going back to the hole, certainly not for you. It’s all sponsored by:

Heritage Woods of Benton

MJ Simons Insurance

SI Vapors

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