TAO now ROCKS at 92.7

tao927_331x180As of 10am July 22, 2009, the ROCK of southern Illinois has a new home.  Unlike some mega-corporations in this great land of ours, who flip formats to Spanish, Disney, or 24/7 pirate talk (yar!), Withers Broadcasting took a different approach and decided to make a great thing even better, vacating our longtime dial position to move to 92.7.

“NOOOO, why?  I’m an insufferable creature of habit and can’t be bothered to change!” While that may be the case, trust us when we say it’s a good move.  Not only will our current listeners get just as much signal (and volume) as they did when we were at 105.1, but TAO listeners to the north and east of the listening area should experience more signal than before.  And unlike satellite radio, we’re not even gonna charge you for it.

“So what about VZA?  What’s gonna happen to them?” Well, Beaver, I’m glad you asked that.  They’re moving to 105.1.  So don’t lose your sh*t when you hear Pink, Coldplay and Kelly Clarkson on 105.1.  It’s supposed to be there.  (VZA plays Nickelback and Shinedown too, so you might be fooled for a song or two.  But no more than that.)  FYI, if you like listening to the Saluki games at the Arena and McAndrew Stadium, those will now be interference free on 105.1.  Along with all that Coldplay.

“So what ELSE are you gonna change?” Um, nothing.  The rock is still the rock.  The DJ’s still have jobs (they hafta learn how to say “TAO Rocks at 92-7″, but it’s a helluva lot easier than mining coal, son!).  The format is the same.  Just a different place on your radio.  Once you figure that out, you’ll feel silly for buying those painkillers.  Spread the word that TAO is still TAO, just at a different address, one that we think packs all the sentimental wallop our old frequency did.

What does the Illuminati have to do with this? Everything. ;)